Significant Electronics Improvement and Addition of HART to it’s Volumetric Vortex Flowmeters

Aug. 17, 2006
Sierra Instruments is pleased to announce its Innova-Flo® Volumetric Vortex product line now features an entirely redesigned electronics package including HART® Communications protocol. The Innova-Flo® product line economically monitors gases, liquids, and steam using Sierra’s patented vortex sensing technology tied into the meter’s sophisticated on-board computer. Both the inline Model 220 & insertion Model 221 have smart electronics that extend the sensitivity and rangeability of the meters below that of conventional vortex meters, solving a common problem of Vortex meter users. Both models are designed for extreme ease of installation. Product accuracy for the in-line version is ± 0.7% of reading for liquids and ±1.0% for gases and steam over a 30:1 range. Accuracy of the insertion version is ± 1.2% of reading for liquids and ±1.5% for gases and steam. In addition, Innova-Flo® uses state-of-the-art advanced proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) to better differentiate the signal to noise ratio and to provide a more stable and accurate flow reading for the user. This also makes for a very consistent signal at low flow operation. Adding to this, the meter calculates the Reynolds number in real-time, then corrects it for non-linearity allowing for extended range operation beyond that of conventional Vortex meters. Adding HART® Communication Protocol as a standard feature allows the meters to be configured remotely or programmed and commissioned locally through the keypad. A user-friendly menu makes it one of easiest meters to commission. Simply input the application data and the meters’ improved electronics automatically optimizes itself to make the best measurement possible. Both the Model 220 & Model 221 are available in a variety of process connections. The insertion design (made possible by a proprietary Reynolds number correction routine) is ideal for pipes up to 72 inches in diameter. When combined with Sierra's patented flow sensor technology, the Innova-Flo® offers the best solution on the market today to measure your tough flow applications. • Mass Flow Rate . . . . . +/- 0.2% of reading • Volumetric Flow Rate . +/- 0.1% of reading • Temperature . . . . . . . +/- 0.2° F (+/- 0.1° C) • Pressure . . . . . . . . . . +/- 0.05% of full scale • Density . . . . . . . . . . . +/- 0.1% of reading