Sub-micro AC Drives

Aug. 16, 2006
FactoryMation now offers the TECO brand FM50 series of sub-micro AC drives for low cost variable speed motor control. The FM50 units are available in 1/4 - 3 hp, 115VAC/230VAC single or 3-phase input, or 460VAC 3-phase input with 230VAC or 460VAC 3-phase output. The 115VAC and 230VAC single phase input models, priced from only $99, are a great fit for both industrial and commercial applications using commonly available 2-wire single phase input power, yet providing 3-phase output for motor power. Four digital inputs, two digital outputs, one analog input, and one analog output provide programmable interfaces compatible to almost any external device for easy integration. All FM50 models include electronic overload protection and stall prevention, ground fault and short circuit protection, and a standard two year warranty. FactoryMation is a nationwide supplier of top quality industrial control products at extremely low prices. Over 3000 products are available for direct sale through its online store and from its quarterly updated catalog. The company only offers name brand products, with no generic or house-brand products, and is backed by a knowledgeable staff of engineers for all customer support and application needs. For more information, or to request a catalog, see: or call 1-800-972-0436. • Maximum Voltage • 230V: 3-Phase, 200–230V • 460V: 3-Phase, 380–460V • Rated Output Frequency Up to 200Hz • Digital Operator Setup by buttons. • Input Signal Type PNP type (Source) Input (External 24VDC allowed) • Carrier Frequency 4 - 16KHz • Frequency Setting Signal 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA • Accel/Decel Time 0.1-999 seconds • Braking Torque Approximately 20% • Number of V/F Patterns 6 preset