Swatchbook Has Dozens of High Performance, Pressure-Sensitive Films and Tapes

Aug. 8, 2006
eWAL Industries Inc. announces the completion of a new swatchbook filled with an assortment of nearly three dozen high performance, pressure-sensitive tapes samples. A major manufacturer of film and tapes produced from PTFE, UHWM-PE, FEP, polyimides, glass, silicone, aluminum and other critically engineered materials, DeWAL continues to develop new information that will be useful to engineers in the design and development of new products. The swatchbook shows potential customers the special features of DeWAL plasma, electrical/electronic, mechanical and down hole tapes, with samples of tapes used to solve problems in the aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronic, marine, mechanical, medical, packaging, energy exploration, HVOF and thermal spray industries.