Armored Plated Switch Seals

Aug. 22, 2006
Englewood, NJ… APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce the availability of a line of heavily armored switch and circuit breaker sealing boots for use in extreme work conditions where excessive abuse might damage the silicone rubber sheath of a regular sealing boot. IP68 Rated, ideally suited for off-road equipment, oil rigs, machine shop, meat packing plants and rough terrain military combat vehicles … these boots, like all HEXSEAL® sealing boots, are manufactured to stringent specs of MIL-B-5423. Combat ready for the work place or war place, HEXSEAL® Armored Switch Boots are available in two versions: N-1030A toggle boot, supplied with a bonded nickel-plated brass cap, and 1238/1 standard size (1238/5 extra-large size) pushbutton boot supplied with a 1 1/4" stainless steel actuator button. Both 15/32-32NS-2B thread size armored versions offer smooth function, even with a gloved hand and prevent actuator ice build-up, easily handling temperatures from -80° F to +400° F. These extreme operational boots are available off-the shelf and are ready to report for duty for their tough, rugged assignments. APM manufactures a wide range of high-performance switch, potentiometer and circuit breaker sealing boots that are compatible with most toggle, pushbutton, rotary and rocker style actuators. UL Recognized, millions are in active duty in industry, marine, medical and the military, maintaining reliability and prolonging the life of vulnerable control components throughout the world.