Front-of-Panel IP68 Rated Circuit Breaker Sealing Boot

Aug. 22, 2006
Englewood, NJ: … APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce a new transparent sealing boot designed to fit today’s compact, lever-operated circuit breakers with a 1.66 inch (42.17mm) center-to-center distance between mounting screws and a 0.75 inch (19.05mm) center-to-center spacing between breaker poles (e.g. Airpax IAG(H), IUG(H), IEG(H) & CEG(H); Eaton-Heinemann JA Series, Carling Technologies B Series, E-T-A Type 8340-F, etc.). These circuit breaker boots (HEXSEAL® model #1113/49) are mounted from the front and utilize a corrosion-resistant frame and APM SEELSKREWS® (high pressure, self-sealing screws) to fix the boot and flange mount the breaker. The mounting frames are available in RoHS compliant materials (aluminum, plated or stainless steel) and finishes to suit the application and equipment appearance. Complies with NEMA Type 4X/6P; IEC IP66/IP68 enclosure protection. APM HEXSEAL manufactures a wide range of circuit breaker high-performance environmental sealing boots that are compatible with most popular lever, toggle, pushbutton and rocker style circuit breakers for NEMA and IEC type electrical distribution and industrial controls.