New Generation of 3.1 Electronic Inverters

Aug. 16, 2006
After extensive research and development, Thermal Arc has launched an entire new welding power source product line featuring a new generation of 3.1 electronic inverters. New microprocessor technology introduces robustness, both internally and externally, which sets the inverters apart from all of existing products on the market today. The Thermal Arc product line has undergone Design Valuation Testing (DVT) that has enhanced its durability and overall performance in the workplace. They have been reengineered to improve size, portability, and weight, and temperature control. An Accelerated Metallic Dust Ingression Test is being used to ensure a better tolerance to airborne material found in every welding shop. All Thermal Arc products offer a gold five-year warranty. Every new inverter features a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD). The VRD will reduce the maximum unloaded open circuit voltage (OCV) across the output terminals of the welder to a safe voltage (about 12 volts). The VRD turns on welding power when the resistance between the electrode and the work is less than 200 Ohms. VRD technology is the future in welding safety today. It is mandatory in Europe, and the US could soon see new VRD regulations. Thermal Arc is the only manufacturer that offers VRD across the board in the inverter line.