Aug. 9, 2006
Custom engineered IDC (insulation displacement connection) terminals that utilize preloaded internal contacts for wire attachment and eliminate the need for labor intensive wire stripping equipment have been introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Warwick, Rhode Island. ETCO IDC Connectors allow for the rapid assembly of multiple wires into one terminal by integrating a set of blades into the connector design which cuts through the insulation of the wires and provides one-step attachment. Ideally suited for solid wire applications from 18 to 28 Ga, they create gas tight contacts and eliminate the need for wire stripping and crimping. Permitting high-speed, fully automated assembly and testing of 30 or more wires, depending upon the connector type, ETCO IDC Connectors require much lower insertion forces than crimped connectors. Supplied as strip for auto- mated processing equipment, they can be made in sizes from .001” to .032” thick from brass, tinned brass, phosphor bronze, and beryllium copper.