Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance flashlights for industrial applications, has enhanced its Task-Light™ series of flashlights with three new, affordably priced LED personal lights. The new flashlights, the Task-Light® 1AA, Task-Light® 2AA and Task-Light® 3AAA, range in price from approximately $20 to $33, and offer double the battery run time of super-high flux Luxeon® LED lights. The Task-Light line, which also includes the Task-Light 2L3W and the Task-Light 3AA Luxeon, features lights designed for a full range of tasks, as the name suggests. According to Streamlight President Brad Penney, the new personal lights are the ideal complement to existing lighting tools used by industrial professionals. “With their extended battery run times, these lights can be used continuously over long periods of time, for a wide variety of industrial inspection and repair uses,” said Penney. “They also are ultra-compact in size, so they can be tucked in a pocket, eliminating extra trips to the toolbox. And they are value priced for the budget-minded industrial professional.” Both the 2AA and 3AAA utilize .5 watt Rigel LEDs, featuring a 100,000 hour lifetime and providing up to 80 percent of the light output of a 1 watt LED. The lights also offer twice the run time of typical high-flux LED lights -- up to eight continuous hours at optimum output and up to 50 hours on lower power for the 2AA, and up to five continuous hours at optimum output and up to 45 hours on low power for the 3AAA. Both lights also feature deep reflective optics that generate a smooth, bright beam, with an output of up to 25 lumens. The 1AA features a 5mm Nichia 100,000-hour LED. The light also offers an exceptionally long run time from a single AA alkaline battery (included) – up to five continuous hours at optimum output and up to 80 hours on low power. The 1AA also utilizes deep reflective optics for a bright beam, delivering up to eight lumens. It measures 4.25 inches and weighs only 3.1 ounces. The 2AA is powered by two AA alkaline batteries (included), weighs only 4.6 ounces and is 6.8 inches long. The 3AAA uses three AAA batteries (included), weighs 5.1 ounces and is 5.2 inches long. The new lights also feature an emergency strobe function which can be activated by depressing a button for three seconds. The 1AA and 2AA run up to 48 hours on emergency strobe, while the 3AAA runs for up to 32 hours on this setting. Each new Task-Light is constructed of anodized machine aluminum and is available in Gun Metal Gray to easily distinguish it from other tools. All three lights also feature a two-stage, push-button switch for High or Low power, an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, and a knurled body to enhance grip. Each light is O-ring sealed for maximum weather resistance and comes with a convenient wrist lanyard.