Aug. 14, 2006
An expanded line of miniature vacuum suction cups made from robust, high tensile strength materials for small robotic automated assembly equipment is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. Anver Miniature Vacuum Suction Cups are now offered in 3 to 8 mm O.D. sizes in 0.5 mm increments to optimize their available surface areas for use in small robotic EOAT (end-of-arm-tooling) applications. Featuring a choice of materials, these robust cups are designed to match specific assembly requirements with regard to heat, static control, or surface sensitivity. Suitable for mounting on 1 mm fittings, Anver Miniature Vacuum Suction Cups are offered in red silicone for high heat applications; Nomathane™, a non-marking, silicone-free material that does not leave residue, mold release agents, or ghost marks on plastic products; and electrostatic-dissipative Nomastat™, a proprietary blended material which diffuses static buildup. Anver Miniature Vacuum Suction Cups are priced according to material, size,