Liquid Flow Sensors for OEM Applications

Aug. 29, 2006
McMillan's 101 & 102 Series Flo-Sensors provide precise liquid flow measurement at affordable prices. The flow sensors can be constructed from plastic or brass, and provide a 0-5VDC analog output proportional to flow rate. Flow rates can be measured as low as 13 mL/minute. With better than ±3.0% linearity (full scale) and 0.2% repeatability (full scale), these flow totalizing systems provide accurate measurement of liquid flow, perfect for critical flow measurement applications within advanced instrumentation. Compact packaging allows for easy integration into new or existing equipment. Generous quantity discounts make the 101/102 Flo-Sensors viable for production designs. For more information call or write: McMillan Company, P. O. Box 1340, Georgetown, Texas 78627-1340; Phone (800) 861-0231 or (512) 863-0231; Fax (512) 863-0671; Internet:; email: [email protected]