Industrial Tape Dispenser Increases Taping Productivity

Aug. 14, 2006
The TDA080, a heavy duty electronic tape dispenser from START International, continues to increase productivity along production lines. By automatically dispensing and cutting each piece to a preset measurement, the TDA080 eliminates several steps in processes using tape. With a compact design and heavy-duty metal construction, the TDA080 is ideal for integration into assembly lines and manufacturing facilities across all industries. It is engineered for continuous-use industrial applications and can withstand rigorous tape dispensing. The dispenser virtually eliminates tape waste and saves money for those utilizing high tape quantities. This automatic tape shooter is ideal for all types of tape, from duct to vinyl, and can dispense tapes between .25” and 3.15” in width. It offers preset lengths ranging between 2” and 394”, depending on the user specification. Operating on an accuracy of +/- .04”, time and money are saved with each piece dispensed. The TDA080 automatic tape dispenser boasts four operating modes, including feed, manual, auto, and interval. With the ability to switch between these four modes, the TDA080 gives the end user ultimate control over automation and remains flexible for various types of use. Uses of the TDA080 include dispensing tape in packaging for automotives, appliances, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food products, and more. It is also ideal for masking in powder coating, or any other industrial use of tape. As the original dispenser in START’s TheTapeDispenser™ line, the TDA080 is the standard for increasing taping productivity. This family of dispensers has several versions of the TDA080 designed for unique tapes, including the TDA080-NS for foam tape and adhesive transfer tape, the TDA080-NM for protective film, and then TDA080-LAM, which laminates two rolls of tape together before dispensing and is ideal for motor manufacturing. • Tape Width - .25 to 3.15”(6 to 80mm) • Cut Length- 1.6 to 394”(40 to 9999mm) • Max. Outside Dia. of Roll- 9” (228mm) • Core Diameter - +/- .04”(1mm) • Weight - 23.4 lbs(10.6 kg) • Footprint - 9.25(L) X 6.75”(W) (235 X 172mm)