Self-Sealing Fastener & Washer Catalog

Aug. 21, 2006
Englewood, NJ: … New expanded catalog details high-pressure, 20,000+psi/vacuum internal/external self-sealing fasteners including machine and self-taping screws, bolts, rivets, and nuts in standard and metric sizes. UL recognized, they feature a stainless-steel single-piece design, with a patented captive silicone O-ring in a geometric groove located under the head...assuring full metal-to-metal surface contact. Self-sealing washers designed for use with regular screws or bolt for sealing large clearance holes, slots or protrusions. These formed stainless-steel washers have a bonded coating of silicone rubber that when torqued forms a seal around the screw, bolt and periphery of the washer face.