BINKS ANNOUNCES NEW 114-SERIES PREMIUM AIR ASSISTED AIRLESS TIPS A Visible & Measurable Difference when Using Binks: ? AA-1500 Spray Guns ? AA-4000 Spray Guns ? MAG AA Automatic Spray Guns Binks announces the new 114-series Premium Air Assisted Airless Tips for superior finishing quality. These new tips offer improved fan pattern uniformity—more than three times better than that of competitive air assisted airless guns.* The 114-Series Premium Tips are designed for superior spray pattern uniformity and consistent coverage to ensure excellent quality when spraying stain, toner, lacquer, and top coat applications using low, medium and high viscosity materials. Typical applications include cabinet fascia, wood furniture, metal office products, commercial equipment, and aircraft to name just a few. Extensive atomization research, field-testing, and a unique proprietary manufacturing process have all contributed to the 114-Series tips’ unsurpassed atomization and superior spray finishing performance. Users of the Series 114 tips have reported: ? Uniform distribution of fan pattern ? Consistent fluid flow ? "Streakless" coverage ? Even coating build on the product ? Superior atomization of coating ? Longer tip life ? Coating savings