Introduces Liquid Filler for Flexible Polyethylene Bag-in-Box Packages

Aug. 30, 2006
A new flexible polyethylene bag-in-box liquid filler moves packages through the accumulation and load zone, to the filling zone, and onward through the capping and sealing zones. Benefits include: no jams, no spills, no hassles; also fast splash-free and drip-free filling of even foamy products. This bag-in-box liquid filling machine provides the flexibility to fill thin liquids to extremely viscous and chunky products and features fast clean-up and no-tool changeover. Filler handles 5 liter, 10 liter and 20 liter poly bag-in-box packages. A six-head system runs at up to fifteen (15) 20 liter packages per minute; higher speeds are accommodated with the addition of fill positions. Manual and semi-automatic liquid fillers are also available.