MX150L Product Line to Handle Higher Currents

Aug. 31, 2006
Molex announces 8, 10, and 12 AWG wire-to-wire connectors to support high current and rugged applications as new additions to its MX150L product family. With an integral two-way, silicone-based mat-seal on the mating connectors that is specifically designed and tested to IEC IP 67, the MX150L product family is a true sealed connector system that exceeds waterproof demands. These connectors have high connector forces, increased terminal retention forces and superior electrical and mechanical performance capabilities. Shipped in one piece that includes mat and interfacial seals, as well as housing and terminal position assurance, these connectors do not require component assembly. MX150L 8, 10 and 12 AWG wire-to-wire connectors can carry up to 40 amps and are well suited for high power, rugged applications including agriculture, construction and marine equipment, as well as recreational vehicles.