Sept. 19, 2006
Toms River, NewJersey,October, 2005 —Heyco Products, Inc. created the term “Lockit™ ” decades ago, as shorthand for a patented, self-locking line of strain-relief bushings for wide-ranging electricalwire and cable applications. Now Heyco adds yet another generation to this popular industry product by expanding its family ofRDD Lockits™ to include flat wires and cables. New Product: Flat wire family of RDD Lockit strain-relief bushings. Product Applications: Heyco’s RDD Lockit™ fits right into standard round or Double ‘D’ holes in electrical cabinets, panels or other enclosures, large or small. It provides lasting strain relief against twisting, pulling, cord pulsing or gravity in large and small appliances, power tools, consumer and industrial electronics,motor housings, lighting fixtures or any electrical assembly prone to the stresses of pulling, pushing or twisting. Product Description: Previously available for round cables, theRDD Lockit™ family has been expanded by the addition of RDD100A, RDD100, RDD200 and RDD200-2 — four new designs to cover flat wires ranging from 0.12” by 0.32” up to 0.24” by 0.42”, and to accommodate a wider variety of UL cabletype designations — including SPT-1, SPT-2, HPN and SPT-3. RDD Lockit is a family of double-duty strain-relief bushings designed specifically for flat or round wires and cables. When used in amounting hole with Double D flats the unique design of theRDD Lockit prevents itself from turning in the hole, protecting current-carryingwires fromtwisting and other stresses that can cause electrical failure. RDD Lockit has a proprietary five-step lockingmechanismthat allows a range of panel thicknesses up to .157 inches, and easily exceeds the strain relief requirements of the UL 35 lb. pull test. Mounting hole sizes include 0.625” and 0.875”, with 0.550” or 0.770” Double D flats – respectively. This unique strain relief bushing locks directly onto cords without requiring panel insertion to hold it in place, allowing theRDD Lockit and cable to be preassembled for additional time and cost efficiency. A series of user-friendlyLockit Pre-assemblyMachines can be furnished to dramatically reduce assembly time in high-volume applications. Finally, the RDD Lockit and cord sub-assembly easily snaps into place without the need for any tools other than ordinary electrical pliers, adding to installer comfort and safety, and reducing assembly time and cost. (US PatentNo. 4,913,385) Construction & Finishes: RDD Lockit strain-relief bushings are molded in Heyco’s own state-of-the-art U.S. plant, of Polyamide Type 6/6 “nylon”. These bushings have a flammability classification of 94V-2, canwithstand temperatures up to 105°C; and areUL recognized and CSA certified. Stock colors arematte-finish black or white - and alternate/customcolors are available.Material 6/6 Nylon Certifications Recognized under UL File E15331 (far exceeds UL’s 35# pull out test). Flammability 94V-2 Temperature 275°F (125°C)–Maximum temperature on part not to exceed 221°F (105°C)