Stainless Steel Washdown TEFC Motors in Fractional – 30HP ratings

Sept. 26, 2006
Elektrim Motors is pleased to announce the expansion of the Barracuda Stainless Steel Washdown Motor with ratings from fractional to 30HP. Like all motors from Elektrim, this new line of severe duty motors offers a number of built in features that allow it to perform in demanding applications. The Barracuda exceeds the requirements for a washdown environment and relies on industry proven features such as vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) windings to withstand electrical shorts with shielded, sealed bearings to stand up to punishing loads and drain holes located every 90 degrees to counter condensation. Dependability and durability are the hallmarks of the Barracuda. With 1 Phase(56C) and 3 Phase footed and non footed ranging from fractional HP 56C up to our 30HP 286TC frame, Barracuda customers can take advantage of the broad range of power and mounting versatility required for operation in food & beverage and other washdown applications. The Barracuda’s features include; Severe Duty, C-face, TEFC, Squirrel Cage Rotor, Class “F” Insulation , 3-Phase 208-230/460V (575V on request), 1-Phase 115/230V, 1-Phase 1/2-2HP only, Sealed Bearings, Stainless Steel Construction, Protection Degree IP55, F1 Assembly, High Service Factor 1.15 and a 1 year warranty.