Self-propelled mobile stock pickers (MSP’s) from JLG Industries, Inc. are designed for use in inventory management and light maintenance/repair jobs. There are three models of the vertical lift machines designated the MSP Series. They have 10-ft., 15-ft. or 20-ft. platform height and platform capacities of 350 lb., 500 lb., or 400 lb. respectively. Features that make the mobile stock pickers easy to learn and safer to operate include a Point & Go® one-hand drive and steer system, proportional drive and elevate controls, a slope cutout control interlock, and a platform gate operation interlock. For use in areas where the machines are exposed to the public, standard equipment includes front and rear strobe lights, a horn and an optional programmable 4-digit security lock. With their heavy-duty planetary gear drive motors and two 100 amp-hour batteries the lifts can also be used to deliver product and material to a specified location and do it at speeds up to 3.5 mph. They have a zero-degree turning radius and maximum 33-in. width, so turning around corners and driving down narrow aisles is easily accomplished. The stock pickers have battery discharge indicators at the platform and on the base; and a built-in automatic charger restores the batteries in five hours. Depending on the model, the platform can be fitted with a material tray, or extension platform for easy loading and unloading of heavy materials. Other standard features include side and front bumpers on the 10-ft. model, a platform gate operation interlock and a programmable motion alarm. Options for even greater versatility include a fluorescent light tube caddy, a rug carrier, a bike carrier, a tool tray and a choice of platform designs. • Platform Height: 10 ft (3.05 m) • Platform Capacity: 350 lb (159 kg) • Overall Height Stowed: 56 in. (142 cm) • Maximum Drive Height: Full Height • Turning Radius Zero: Weight 1,100 lb (499 kg)