Sept. 28, 2006
Cat Lift Trucks, the leading provider of quality and reliable lift trucks, introduces the P17500 – P33000 series diesel pneumatic tire lift truck. Featuring a new turbocharged engine, a hydraulic fingertip control system and ergonomic styling, the new series continues to provide the solutions and support that Cat Lift Truck customers have come to expect. With six different capacities ranging from 17,500 to 33,000 lbs., these trucks are ready to tackle the most demanding customer applications. For optimal performance, the P17500 – P33000 relies on the turbocharged diesel engine equipped with a common rail fuel delivery system that assures even and high pressure fuel delivery to all six cylinders allowing for swift acceleration, low noise and reliable performance. Specifically designed with operator convenience in mind, there are no tools required for quick and easy performance checks. With near effortless lever motion and precise material handling capability, the new hydraulic fingertip control enhances productivity and significantly reduces operator fatigue. The P17500-P33000 series features a viscously mounted operator compartment, thereby significantly reducing noise and vibration levels and adding to operator comfort. In addition to its rugged performance features, Cat Lift Trucks extends the P17500 – P33000 service intervals up to 12 weeks, while drastically reducing downtime and planned maintenance. Supported by the most comprehensive customer support network in the industry, the premium display panel allows pre-programmable maintenance intervals which notify the operator of impending service and provide quick fault history folder access to the technician. • Max Travel Speed* (mph) – 19 • Engine (HP/rpm) - 148/2100 • Right Angle Stack* (in.) - 179.1 • Lift Speed* (fpm) – 79 • Lower Speed* (fpm) – 79 • Length (in.) - 190.2 • Width (in.) - 102.4 • Height (in.) – 116.5 • Weight (lbs.) - 42,263