Oct. 6, 2006
NKK Switches, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical switches, presents a complete family of tactile switches to meet the challenges faced by today’s design engineers. These four series of tactile switches, which range in size, options and distinctive characteristics, provide engineers with an array of innovative solutions. The HP series of environmentally friendly, through-hole and surface mount tactile devices features a 6mm square body, which allows for compact mounting for a keyboard matrix. The terminals and contacts are available in gold or silver depending on design requirements. The gold contacts offer the advantage of little or no oxidation or sulfurization, and a stable contact resistance. Through-hole models are packaged 100 pieces per stick tube and surface mount versions on tape/reels with 1,000 pieces each. The HP is rated at 500,000 operations minimum for both electrical and mechanical life. The CB series is another 6mm tactile switch available in through-hole and surface mount models. CB tactile switches are process sealed and feature a sealed body construction to prevent contact contamination during automated soldering and cleaning. Packaging for through-hole models is 50 pieces per stick tube or partitioned trays, while surface mount models are packaged 1000 pieces per tape/reel. The CB series is rated for an electrical and mechanical life minimum of 100,000 operations. Both the HP and CB series’ through-hole models feature crimped terminals to ensure secure mounting and to prevent dislodging during automated soldering. The surface mount versions have gull wing terminals for mechanical stability and excellent coplanarity tolerances. Actuators are flat, low profile. All actuators and bases meet UL flammability rating for 94V-0. The JB series features a 10mm square body. The process-sealed switches deliver aesthetically pleasing interfaces with availability in a variety of actuator heights, an array of cap styles and colors, and with red, green or yellow LED full-face illumination. Electrical and mechanical life is rated 5,000,000 operations minimum. The case and base are UL94V-0. The ultra-thin JF series is specifically designed to enhance the appearance of front panels. These switches feature an extremely low profile of 5mm from the PCB to the top of the switch and offer a wide choice of body shapes and colors. The JF series is available in round or square shapes with four different actuator styles and in many vibrant colors. The JF is also available with full-face or spot illumination with red, green or yellow LEDs. Electrical and mechanical life is rated 500,000 operations minimum. All of NKK’s tactile switches are constructed with dome contacts that deliver tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer. They are SPST with a momentary circuit and logic level ratings.