Wireless Sensor Network system lowers energy costs, increases efficiency

Sept. 22, 2006
Sensicast Systems has unveiled its patented SensiNet ® Energy Management solution: a comprehensive wireless package to report energy consumption and underlying plant system efficiency through monitoring of key system operating data. The new solution is based on SensiNet Smart Sensors, which monitor electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and thermal energy expenditure; provide machinery wellness status for predictive maintenance; and help with safety, environmental and compliance issues. "Easy to install, relocate and manage, the SensiNet Energy Management Solution continuously collects information on energy consumption and corrolates it with simultaneous measurement of the health of the underlying electromechanical system," said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of Sensicast. "The collected data is passed over the Sensicast wireless mesh network and made available via the Internet for instant assessment and analysis. This gives plant operators a new way to head off p rob lems that lead to the inefficiencies that can result in wasting electricity." The solution includes all components necessary for a SensiNet network for energy monitoring and mangagement: SensiNet Smart Sensors to monitor power usage other systems operating parameters, Mesh Routers for redundant wireless infrastructure, and the SensiNet Services Gateway which includes basic data monitoring applications software and alerts. SensiNet's building-block architecture allows the network to scale up to very large deployments. "Sensicast's energy monitoring systems will appeal to industrial users in manufacturing, oil and gas, and power plants who consume 34 percent of all energy," according to industry analyst Mareca Hatler of ON World. "Industrial companies have strong demand for wireless sensor network solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Companies such as Sensicast are addressing this need by developing products that bridge sensing and control applications with wireless mesh networking."