Motion Control Catalogs Build into Complete Library for Machine Builders

Oct. 27, 2006

Baldor Electric Company has published a series of motion control product catalogs designed to make life easier for OEMs and machine builders implementing automation systems. Comprising nine separate publications, each dedicated to a specific area of motion control, the series builds into a comprehensive and accessible library of up-to-date system building information. The catalogs cover the spectrum of precision motion control products. The first provides an overview of Baldor's motion control capability, and system architectural possibilities. The other catalogs review individual segments of the motion control range, and cover Mint machine automation software, motion controllers, AC servo drives, AC servo motors and gears, DC servo motors and drives, linear motors and stages, accessories - including HMI panels - and real-time Ethernet solutions. This last catalog is likely to prove especially popular with builders of large multi-axis systems; it details how new Ethernet Powerlink based machine controllers and servo drives facilitate exceptionally cost-effective control for dozens of motion axes. Each catalog is available free of charge in electronic or printed form. PDFs can be downloaded from Baldor's support site at