Flexible sensor mounting system

Sept. 26, 2006
Balluff’s new BMS Sensor Mounting System maximizes sensor usefulness on the production line by enabling users to quickly and easily position sensors at virtually any angle. Available in both plastic and metal versions, the new system uses a small number of standard components to provide mounting flexibility in all three axis. Even complex configurations can be realized in just a few minutes. Dimensionally stable, the mounting system uses knurled pins to hold position during sensor replacement. The basic holder accommodates virtually any manufacturer-specific mounting profile. It is designed to work with standard mounting extrusions and always locks firmly and symmetrically in the rail slot. Other components include knurled stand rods, cross-connectors, and sensor holders for a wide variety of sensors. Also new is a metal-body fine adjustment unit for laser sensors. In many configurations the system not only provides a mounting function, but also offers mechanical protection for the sensor. A series of components such as reflector holders and adapter plates rounds out the accessory offering.