Online Maintenance Tracking Service Handles Both Small Firms and Multi-Division Giants

Oct. 24, 2006
Link It Software Corporation announced today that its web-based maintenance tracking software, EZ Maintenance Web now offers six account types designed to provide access to economical, online maintenance software to companies of any size or requirement. EZ Maintenance Web enables users to track and schedule preventative maintenance and control inventory for any type of equipment or vehicles in unlimited numbers from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. "Since our maintenance software can be set up by users to handle any type of equipment or vehicle, I am pleased to say we have customers from a broad range of businesses to government and military organizations," stated Link It CEO Wayne McFarland. "EZM Web is designed to accommodate users' maintenance needs via the Internet, whether they are small firms with just a few pieces of equipment or vehicles or large companies with thousands of pieces of equipment, vehicles and inventory items at multiple locations worldwide." McFarland went on to relate that EZ Maintenance Web accounts can be opened for as little as a one-time $150.00 set-up fee and $50.00 a month for smaller firms, to $1,000.00 in one-time start-up fees, and $100.00 to $150.00 a month thereafter for larger companies. "Our research has shown, and our customers have confirmed, that in terms of a truly broad range of features and economical pricing, there is simply nothing else like EZM Web on the Internet today," related McFarland. The following are some of EZ Maintenance Web's key features: -- Online maintenance and tracking - Track inventory and maintenance schedules, including emergency maintenance, for unlimited numbers of vehicles or pieces of equipment. Items can be tracked at a single location or at multiple divisions, with each division seeing only its own maintenance schedules, equipment or vehicles. -- Online work orders - Customers, field employees, outside vendors, or tenants can submit maintenance requests and check work status online. -- Email alerts - Automatically send an alert to designated employees or vendors when work orders are created. Alerts can go to email, PDAs, cell phones, or pagers. Work orders can be assigned to specific individuals. -- Accounting - Create invoices or accept invoices from vendors online. Link to QuickBooks(R) allows for real-time transfer of accounting data, eliminating double data entry.