Oct. 20, 2006
Proto has introduced a line of jumbo-sized, single-end ratcheting box wrenches. They're the biggest ratcheting wrenches the company has ever offered. They have 12-point non-reversing box heads, in eight different opening sizes that range from 1-9/16 in. through 2-1/8 in. They can be used to turn 4, 6 or 12 point fasteners. The new wrenches are offered as time-savers. Using a non-ratcheting box wrench to turn large fasteners, whether at the base of a utility pole or on a piece of heavy machinery, often means continually repositioning the wrench, a process that can be extremely time consuming, especially when working with long fasteners. The new Proto® wrenches change that. When loosening a big nut on a long bolt, for example, the user can now break the bond with a striking wrench, then switch to a ratcheting wrench to quickly finish the job. The wrenches' 15-1/2 in. to 19 in. lengths provide the leverage needed for turning stubborn fasteners, while a soft-cushion grip on the non-working end eases the stress on the user's hands. At the same time, the fact that the wrenches have a minimum swing arc of just 15 degrees and a thickness of just 9/16 in. (compared to 1-1/2 in. for a large striking wrench) means they can be worked more easily in places where it's difficult to use other big wrenches. Handles have a standard chrome finish, while the ratcheting box ends come in black oxide. Customers can purchase the wrenches individually or as an 8-piece set.