MPN series of brushless servo motors

Oct. 20, 2006
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of its MPN series of brushless servo motors. The MPN motors are designed to replace the now-obsolete N-Series motors recently discontinued by Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley. The MPN offers more torque per frame size than the existing N-Series motors. Parker’s MPN motors feature the proven technology of our MaxPlus motor family and are modified to match the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the Rockwell N-Series family. The front motor mount, shaft dimensions, connectors and the electrical Ke (back-emf) of the motors are identical to that of the N-series motors. The motor’s inertia is usually within 10% of the N-Series, so tuning of an existing system will be rare. One minor drawback is some of the motors may be slightly longer than the N-Series. “The MPN’s use of neodymium magnets gives the MPN extremely high torque when compared to the N-Series,” says Pat Berkner, rotary motor product manager. “This means an existing system will benefit greatly by using the MPN motors. Some motors’ Kt (torque constant) is twice that of the N-Series. This means less current, less energy, and less heat generated per a given application, yet more torque.” MPN motors are ideal in applications for packaging, printing, semiconductor, and machine tool industries. “Putting the MPN in places where the N-Series was installed is a benefit to the user. Since these motors have the same mounting, the same connectors, and very similar electrical characteristics, it is very easy to install an MPN. All motor configuration files are supplied on the Internet to make it even easier to get an MPN installed and running with minimal effort. If your existing machine needs more torque -- more throughput -- put on the MPN motors,” says Berkner. MPN motors replace all the Rockwell N-Series motors, including the N3406, N3412, N4214, N4220, N5630, N5637, and N5647. All MPN motors have a 2000-line encoder, a 24 volt brake option, and are rated for a 340 volt DC bus. The N2302 and N2304 come standard with a 1000-line encoder and are rated for 170 volts DC. They too have an optional 24 volt brake. The MPN motors are UL and CE rated, and are sealed to IP65 as a standard. All the MPN motor configuration files, which contain the electrical setup parameters, are available to the user on the Web site. This means that users simply need to upload the motor’s configuration file (.mxf) to their existing Rockwell motor database, select that motor, and they are ready to run. * Mechanically identical to Rockwell N-Series servo motors o Same mounting, connectors, shaft, Ke, and inertia * Higher performing than the N-Series motors o More torque in all frame sizes * NEMA 23, 34, 42, and 56 sizes * Standard options make ordering easy o All motors have 2000 line encoders o ( MPN23xx has 1000 line encoder only) o Brakes available on all motors * IP65 UL / CE