Service life of Adapta Flex Hose Upgraded

Oct. 28, 2006
Gates has upgraded its Adapta Flex™ general purpose air and water hose with features that will improve durability, handling and appearance. Among the enhancements, the new Adapta Flex cover offers increased abrasion resistance for longer hose life, greater cold flow resistance for improved coupling performance, and a smoother surface appearance. In addition to the standard red and black-colored covers, the hose is available with blue, green and yellow covers to help with identification in multi-hose applications. On selected sizes, hose dimensions (wall gauges and ODs) have been increased to improve hose handling, durability and appearance. Also, Gates is now using new inkjet technology, resulting in clearer and more permanent branding.Temperature range - -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C) continuous service. Tube - Type P (EPDM) hose. Black. RMA (Class C) limited oil resistance. Cover - type P (EPDM). Red, black, blue, green, and yellow. All sizes thru 1/2" are perforated.