Oct. 18, 2006
Michelman, a leading global manufacturer of performance-enhancing coatings for the paperboard and corrugated box industry, announces the availability of its VaporCoat® Series of water resistance coatings. VaporCoat® 2200R, VaporCoat® 1500, and VaporCoat® 330C all deliver outstanding moisture vapor barriers and excellent grease and water resistance to corrugated packages - while at the same time maximizing gluability. VaporCoat 2200R provides maximum moisture resistance, and is hot-melt gluable only; VaporCoat 1500 provides economical moisture-resistance, and is also hot-melt gluable only; VaporCoat 330C provides excellent moisture resistance when used in conjunction with a base coat, is print receptive, and is both cold-set and hot-melt gluable. Each VaporCoat Series coating - which is measured by the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) - has been engineered to keep frozen foods fresh and fine papers dry. MVTR tests moisture resistance over a 24-hour period under controlled conditions. There are five defined sets of temperature and humidity conditions, ranging from moderate to severe. Michelman normally tests at the most severe level, using the ASTM E96 test procedure (100% F, 90% RH). Maximum moisture vapor resistance requires the right coating and the best application. To replace curtain coating or poly laminate, the MVTR coating should be applied with a rod coater, preferably in an off-line operation and with a basecoat/topcoat combination. All VaporCoat Series coatings are FDA-compliant and repulpable. Consult a Michelman representative for best use of each coating.