Preventing Unscheduled Truck Departure Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Oct. 14, 2006
European industrial safety specialist Castell has launched an innovative new product that is designed to protect dock attendants during loading or unloading operations. Developed in conjunction with leading European logistics company Christian Salvesen, Salvo puts in place a process that protects the employee against the serious level of injury associated with unscheduled truck departure. Salvo consists of a trapped key gladhand lock, which is attached to the articulated trailer’s emergency airline coupling, and an electro-mechanical lock inside the warehouse, attached to the loading dock door. This system establishes a procedural link between the trailer and the dock door, forcing the driver to immobilize the trailer prior to the door being opened. If the trailer is not locked in place, loading cannot begin. Michael Boyle, former President of loading dock safety equipment manufacturer Flexon Inc, with over 25 years’ experience in the logistics industry, was quick to appreciate the benefits of Salvo. His mission is now to convince the North American market of these benefits and he is confident of success. “What I liked most about Salvo was that it guarantees the process the company puts in place will prevent unscheduled truck departure. Once implemented, Salvo protects the dock attendant, the driver and the company. Salvo will be sold through the top dock safety distributors in the country and will compliment their current dock safety product range.” Three simple steps are required: Step 1 - Attach Salvo to trailer’s emergency gladhand fitting to release uniquely-coded trapped key. Step 2 - Insert key into control panel located next to the dock door outside, which automatically releases the door lock inside the building. Step 3 - Unlock dock door. While the door is open, the key is ‘trapped’ and consequently the trailer cannot be moved away. This simple process prevents the possibility of human error, which could result in an unscheduled truck departure. A traffic light communication package, and a variety of options for customers who want to keep their doors open, are also available. In addition, Salvo incorporates a theft-deterrent element. Once the Salvo is attached to the trailer, the brakes are locked and the trailer is therefore inoperable. The real advantage of the system is its simplicity: installation is quick and easy, and causes minimum disruption to operations. Each dock is uniquely coded and Castell keeps a register of all codes issued, ensuring site integrity. Major European logistics firms, food manufacturers and retailers, home furnishing and parcel distribution companies - such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Caterpillar, Wal-Mart and DHL - have all been involved in the development of Salvo. The product has also been presented to the transportation industry’s health and safety regulators and trade associations.