Micro Machine Lenses (MML's) from Moritex are renowned for their high specification and performance but for applications requiring the utmost resolution the company have introduced a new Super Optical Device (SOD-10X) with 5 times the resolution of standard MML's.

The 1.5-micron spatial resolution, high numerical aperture and long working distance of the SOD-10X provides the perfect machine vision lens for demanding applications such as semiconductor or LCD alignment and inspection.

Moritex MML's are telecentric lenses, which maintain a constant view angle to the subject. This is achieved by keeping the optical ray paths parallel to each other. Lens telecentricity is crucial in machine vision applications such as alignment or gauging where view angle and magnification errors need to be minimised. In such applications, the parts being inspected are subject to fluctuations in position. A telecentric lens will maintain magnification and view angle to the subject as long as the part stays within the lens's depth of field. Moritex's family of fixed magnification MML's are highly telecentric by design thereby providing the vision engineer the best possible image for repeatable and accurate machine vision image processing.

Moritex's lightweight, C-mountable, and telecentric MML's provide high resolution and high contrast images for virtually any imaging application. Moritex MML's are used extensively in component recognition, automated visual inspection, and alignment for wire-bonding machines and pick & place chip-mounters.

MML's provide a wide mix of working distance and magnification combinations as well as a full offering of peripheral items such as optical axis conversion prisms, 90 degree prisms, LED coaxial illumination, etc. In addition, all Moritex lenses are designed to be of the highest optical and mechanical specifications. Packaged in compact, low mass designs, MML's are assembled to endure the rigours of machine vision, and provide resolution, contrast and telecentricity.

Moritex is an internationally renowned manufacturer of fibre-optic illumination and optical lensing systems for various machine vision and inspection applications.