Moritex USA, specialists in lighting and optical technologies, has introduced MG-WAVE – next generation LED lighting systems delivering state-of-the-art lighting and lens conditions. With traditional LED lighting, heat control has been the major challenge. Moritex has developed a patent pending constant current detection control system in which the heat-generating limiting resistor is relocated from inside the light to the power source, thereby enabling heat emission to be controlled. Using the constant current system in conjunction with a proprietary heat dissipation system MG-WAVE lighting achieves a typical temperature reduction of around 20 °C and a 40 per cent increase in luminous intensity compared to a conventional LED. MG-WAVE lighting provides longer stable images than other forms of lighting. Unlike other forms of lighting there is no deterioration caused by repeatedly switching the light on and off. Operating across a narrow bandwidth MG-WAVE makes it easy to acquire the contrast critical for image processing. Incorporating small light source elements enables MG-WAVE to deliver lighting dimensions optimised to application.