Oct. 20, 2006

Scapa North America offers a complete line of RENWRAP® anticorrosion pipeline protection systems, pressure sensitive adhesive coatings, outer wraps and primers designed for use in the oil, gas, and water industries. Designed for over-the-ditch line travel, joint wrapping, and yard coating, RENWRAP® products can be applied to new construction pipeline located in plants or in the field, or used to repair and recondition existing pipelines. The adhesive systems perform well over a range of operating temperatures, are impermeable to water and oxygen, and are compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt and polyethylene pipeline coatings. The products resist soil stress, under-film moisture migration, environmental stress cracking, and mechanical damage from handling.

• Product Type: Liquid Primer • Adhesive Type: Synthetic Rubber and Resins • Backing Type: None • Thickness: N/A mils • Tensile Strength: N/A lb/inch • Adhesion: N/A oz/inch • Liner: kraft • Function: Pipeline Primer