Micrometer Torque wrenches

Nov. 8, 2006
Although the new line of  Proto® micrometer torque wrenches have the same look and feel that experienced users have come to expect, they have actually been totally redesigned from the inside out, and fitted with a new set of internal components. The design and materials used in the wrench have been upgraded, and the construction fine-tuned so that tolerances remain accurate for 30,000 cycles under normal use. "We inspected every part used in the wrench," says Russ Dilts, the product manager in charge of the redesign. "Our aim has been to improve accuracy, consistency and reliability of performance." One key improvement among many is in the wrench's internal spring. The spring's job is to hold the wrench's tang, tilt block and plunger in place until the set torque is reached, after which these components snap off center, providing a "click" that the user can hear and feel. Not surprisingly, worn springs are a common cause of a torque wrench losing its calibration. Proto has redesigned the internal spring so that it retains its memory. All parts of the new wrenches are also made from high-grade steel, some of which has been heat treated for added durability. For instance, Proto now heat-treats tubes with additional carbon. This increases the surface hardness and reduces wear, which in turn increases accuracy. Internal bearings have also been added to reduce wear and improve accuracy. Proto offers three series of micrometer torque wrenches, covering multiple applications from general manufacturing to precision. -“C” series torque wrenches are designed to meet normal torque applications in industrial and manufacturing settings. -“CX” series torque wrenches are calibrated for use where extreme precision and accuracy is required, such as in aerospace, aviation, and military applications. -CXCERT series torque wrenches include documents certifying that the wrenches meet N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards.• Length 26",678.66mm • Weight 5.9 lbs, 2.68 kilos • Drive Size 1/2" • Head Depth 1-7/32" • Head Length 1-1/8" • Increments (ft/lb) 1 ft. lb. • Torque Range (ft/lb) 50 - 250