Blackhawk System Ensures Security

Nov. 11, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pa. (May 1, 2006) –In today’s world, building security is a primary concern for everyone. With BEA’s BlackHawk anti-tailgating detection security system for revolving doors, preventing unauthorized entry is more convenient than ever. The BlackHawk system for revolving doors is a seamless solution for security standards. The ceiling-mounted BlackHawk system uses active infrared technology and triangulation distance measuring to detect unauthorized entry or exit via a revolving door quadrant. Unlike traditional mat security sensors, the BlackHawk does not require contact with the floor for the sensors to detect, preventing intruders from bypassing detection by hanging on to the top of the door. The system is constantly aware of the door’s position; the door sequence program is established with a single door activation. An advanced range parameter feature creates an adjustable buffer zone near the door wings to allow door movement caused by environmental factors. The BlackHawk is adaptable to multiple door types, including three or four- wing doors and one or two-way traffic doors. A stainless steel faceplate provides vandal-resistant protection for the detection equipment. Because all wiring is recessed into the door canopy and it operates without floor mats to obscure decorative flooring, the BlackHawk is an aesthetically pleasing choice. BEA offers several customized options for the BlackHawk system. One or two-way traffic patterns can be chosen to handle high-volume traffic flow. Door wings can be clad with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass or aluminium. Custom systems are available and can easily be installed with a new door or retrofitted into existing doors. BEA, a Halma company, is a global provider of automatic door sensing technology for the activation and safety of pedestrian and industrial doors. The company’s North American headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., features state-of-the-art engineering, production and training facilities, which serve the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. The company’s world headquarters is located in Liege, Belgium, with additional offices in Japan and China. • Blackhawk™ Sensor: • Technology: Active infrared / Passive infrared • Detection mode: Presence detection • Response time: 128ms (depending on the setting) • Mounting height: 86.6 in max. • Supply voltage: 12 V to 24 V AC/ DC -5% / +10% • Main power frequency: 50 to 60 Hz • Max. power consumption: 60mA • Temperature range: -13°F to +131°F • Degree of protection: IP53* • Norm conformity: EMC 89/336/EEC • Dimensions: EMC 89/336/EEC • Dimensions: 13.75 in (L) x 1.71 in (H) x 1.87 in (D) • Housing material: Aluminum sensor housing (black or aluminum finish) stainless steel faceplate • Length of main cable: 98.4 in • Range of Remote Control: 15’ • Blackhawk™ Hub: • Response time: 0.3s • Supply voltage: 12 V to 24 V AC/ DC -5% / +10% • Main power frequency: 50 to 60 Hz • Temperature range: -4°F to +131°F • Dimensions: 5.2” (133mm) W x 2.2” (55mm) D x 1” (25mm) H • Housing material: ABS