Nov. 14, 2006
Dynasonics DTTS transducer series is designed to provide easy, low cost installation on pipe and rigid tubing sizes from 1/2" (12mm) to 2" (50mm). When matched with any Dynasonics Transit Time transmitter it can replace mechanical flow meters in applications where liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flow meter operation. The DTTS series does not contact the internal liquid and has no moving parts for a maintenance-free operation. Because it clamps onto the outside of existing piping and tubing, there is no process shutdown. This non-invasive feature allows solids to pass through the pipe with no effect on the transducer. The DTTS is ideal for most clean liquids or liquids containing moderate amounts of suspended solids or aeration, and can be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and plastic pipe materials. Once connected to any Dynasonics Transit Time transmitter, instantaneous rate and accumulated flow is available via the display or a variety of optional outputs. The Dynasonics Transit Time flow meter product line includes the TFXL integral or remote mount; TFXD dedicated meter; the portable TFXP; and the TFXM multiple pipe, multiple path meter.