GTS500 Stepper Driver Series

Nov. 15, 2006
Piloting Motion Control into the technological forefront of the 21st Century to achieve maximum resolution and high performance in all levels of product functionality, Nyden Corporation (a subsidiary of Mycom, Inc.) today announced the release of its latest product to date. Designed collaboratively with new and enhanced features to support overall product functionality and the savings of both cost and installation time, the new DIN-Rail mountable GTS500 5-Phase Driver is a compact and modular unit that is built to be fully compatible with Nyden’s already popular-selling High-Torque and Nano-Speed 5-Phase Stepper Motor line. The new driver supplements Nyden’s existing line of intelligent 5-Phase drivers with their fully-functional features (such Resolution Setting, Current Adjustment and Half/Full Step options), and also provides worldwide users of all design calibers enhanced performance and flexibility to execute critical motion profiles from a DIN Rail-mounted stepper driver system. The optimality of easily building a high-technological equipment with its central stepper-and-driver home-base operating critical hardware-related profiles from an easy-to-reach surface-mounted location has been tested by Nyden’s senior-level engineers and designers, and employed for several business quarters by many customers in over 1,000 units of critical machinery ranging from semiconductor processing systems to medical device equipment, from factory automation robotics to advanced laser systems. In many cases, the DIN-Rail GTS500 has been designed around an industrial system that is programmed to run continuously in harsh operating conditions, such as within an aircraft development company building advanced automated systems for the aerospace industry. As expected, Nyden’s test results show the DIN-Rail mounted GTS500 driver in a majority of design applications substantially increases productivity (by eliminating the need to wire stepper and driver systems into a small space or machinery locale) and enables users to fully optimize the operating mechanics of their motion profiles from even the most critical apparatus design. Furthermore, mounting the driver on a steel DIN Rail assembly line reduces installation time drastically by over 70%. This attributes to the company’s finding that surface-mounted design applications will become designers’ preeminent choice over the conventionality of operating automated equipment from a base-mounted or enclosed motion control system that requires length motor cabling. Easily connectable to a programmable logic controller or a simple oscillator to accelerate critical motion parameters, Nyden’s new compact-designed GTS500 driver is operated from a standard 24 Vdc power supply and features all the critical drive functions expected by this top-tier motion control design house. Omron’s 11-pin connector part number P2CF-11 and Matsushita’s part number ATC180041 are the recommended DIN rail terminals to operate the driver for optimal system performance. Additional features of the driver include: power LED display, auto current down function, the option to set the driver at 0.75 Amps or 1.4 Amps, a resolution switch to power the motor at Full Step (4 phase excitation) or Half Step (4-5 phase excitation), and a panel that provides users with a host of signal inputs, such as selecting the input voltage or the command to run 1 Pulse (PULSE/CW/CCW) or 2 Pulses (CW, CCW). Lightweight at 180 grams and with a dimensional size of 50 x 81 mm, the GTS500 DIN Rail Driver is a snap to hookup and is designed specifically for a variety of rugged applications carried out by companies requiring optimal system efficiency and overall savings cost.