Nov. 2, 2006
Large and small companies alike consistently struggle with efficient employee time scheduling and a fair vacation policy. Vacation disputes can create confusion and negatively affect employee morale. Magnatag Visible Systems has designed a simple solution – the 365-Day Attendance-Monitor whiteboard system. It lets employees and supervisors alike see the entire year's daily schedule in one glance – making priority scheduling a simple matter. Most companies we deal with have some version of a first come, first served vacation policy, yet employees and supervisors tend to struggle in effectively communicating – and marking – those requests,'' said Wally Krapf, founder and President of Magnatag Visible Systems. "The board also silently helps with the Monday Sick Day Syndrome because it allows sick days – and any notable absenteeism patterns – to be quickly noticed by using colored magnet signals. It's also ideal for graphically planning, scheduling, displaying and updating training, travel, time off, special assignments or any employee-time oriented activity throughout the year” The Attendance-Monitor Board comes in 3 sizes to allow full-year daily tracking for 19, 42 or 86 employees. The 2' x 3' board for 19 employees is available with write-on tools for $299; or a complete magnetized kit for $379. For more information, visit