280-Bar Char-Lynn(R) Wheel Motor

Nov. 2, 2006
Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced it has expanded its line of Char-Lynn(R) high-torque, low-speed motors with the addition of an all-new wheel motor. Eaton's new "Delta" motor fills the growing need for a 280-bar (4,000-PSI) intermittent pressure wheel motor that generates 1,355 Newton Meters of torque. Its superior efficiencies are based on Eaton's disc valve technology, which allows better volumetric efficiency and creates lower pressure drop than the competition. On drive applications, the Delta's very low no-load pressure drop allows for lower temperature operation, thereby extending the life of the entire hydraulic system, improving vehicle efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. The bearing capacity of the Delta wheel motor is up to 30 percent higher than most competitive motors. Thus, its side-load capacity is significantly higher, allowing the motor to be used on larger and heavier vehicles. A larger bearing pack also allows for bigger shaft sizes up to 38.1 mm (1* inch) for splined and straight shafts and 41.3 mm (1 5/8 inch) for a tapered shaft. Twelve displacements are available from 113 cubic centimeters per revolution to 754 cc/rev. Eaton's Delta motor is designed to be an easy drop-in replacement for competitive wheel motors. Target platforms include lawn and turf maintenance equipment, sweepers, scissor lifts, winches and any machine that needs a compact, efficient drive motor with a high side-load capability.