Nov. 8, 2006
A new series of robotic grabs that use compressed air to inflate and grip wide-mouth bottles, with minimal squeezing, in production packaging appli-cations, is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. Anver Wide-Mouth Bottle Grabs feature air-powered internal bladders that pick-up bottles gently by the neck, from the top, and attach and release in milliseconds for use in high speed packaging lines. Designed to prevent the distortion of wide-mouth bottle tops and containers, especially PET plastic sports drink bottles, they can grab using only 30 psi of pressure. Made from a combination of high impact plastic, aluminum, and metal parts with soft rubber bladders on the inside, Anver Wide-Mouth Bottle Grabs are totally field-serviceable by hand. An addition to their full line of bottling grabs featuring air-powered bladders and FDA-approved materials, they are compatible with all major lines of bottling and packaging systems.