CargoGlide Sliding Bed Platform

June 9, 2022
CargoGlide extends truck-bed utility and is an easy-to-install solution from Decked.

CargoGlide is a heavy-duty sliding bed platform that makes loading, unloading, organizing, and accessing gear for work more efficient, allowing owners to store and easily retrieve items and tools without having to climb into a truck bed.


Extending truck-bed utility, CargoGlide rolls forward out of the truck bed from its locked position with the pull of a lever, extending past the end of the bed by as much as 100%. The accessible sliding tray lets owners easily use every inch of their bed.


It is available for most full-size and mid-size trucks and cargo vans. Constructed from powder-coated American steel and industrial, marine-grade plywood coated with a thermoplastic top sheet, CargoGlide is rugged enough for the harshest work environments.

ModelExtension LengthPayload
CG100070%1,000 lb. (453.6 kg)
CG1000XL100%1,000 lb. (453.6 kg)
CG150070%1,500 lb. (680.4 kg)
CG1500XL100%1,500 lb. (680.4 kg)
CG2200XL100%2,200 lb. (997.9 kg)