Dynatronix, Inc. of Amery, WI has developed programmable pulse power supplies that enable precision plating in applications where geometries are 0.1 microns or smaller. Frequently used in semiconductors and medical devices, the Pro Series line includes DC, Pulse and Pulse Periodic Reverse power supplies. Configurations are available in single or multiple channels of output, multiple output cells and a wide variety of output current and voltage ranges, according to David Osero, the company’s V.P., Sales. The Pro Series features a simple HTML browser-based control program, optional Windows®-based control software and an easily integrated communication protocol. The result is complete flexibility to match each customer’s unique requirements. Other benefits include multiple rectifier control, data logging and local/wide area network support. Communication to the Pro Series is accomplished through RS232/RS485 serial connection or an Ethernet connection. With the correct firewall settings, the user can communicate with his Pro Series via an Internet connection and control it from anywhere in the world. Optional features include Extended Range (patented) for maximum accuracy and repeatability, Individual Channel Control, allowing multiple channels to be configured for individual ampere time counters per channel, and Multiple Cell Configurations, for controlling multiple plating tanks. Each cell is essentially a stand-alone power supply. • Minimum pulse width 0.1 millisecond on, 0.1 millisecond off • Typical pulse rise and fall times: <50 microseconds • Minimum suggested setting: 10% of maximum peak current rating • Regulation accuracy: +/- 1% of setting or 0.1% of peak rating • Ripple: <1% RMS of maximum rated output voltage