Nov. 9, 2006
Teledyne Relays introduced the Series S60DC40 commercial DC solid-state relay for switching high-power DC loads. This device features the latest-generation MOSFET technology as well as an innovative isolated driver to ensure fast power turn on and off and thus low power transient. The Series S60DC40 offers output to 40A at 600 Vdc. It provides ultra low on-state resistance, low output leakage current and low control current consumption. The relay features triggered control input to avoid linear control risks. It also offers low conducted and radiated disturbances. The relay is designed for direct switching of DC loads. It may also be used in an H-Bridge configuration for reversing. The relay may be used in a variety of power applications, including dc motor control, transportation systems, back-up power systems, stepper motor drivers, industrial and process control. The Series S60DC40 conforms to an industry-standard hockey-puck package that measures 1.75 x 2.29 x 1.10 inches (44.5 x 58.2 x 28 mm). Each model weighs 3.52 ounces (100g).