Compact Motion Controller for DC Micromotors

Nov. 14, 2006
MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the release of the series MCBL/MCDC 3006 C/S compact motion controller. The MCDC 3006 is for use with DC micromotors. The MCBL 3006 is for use with brushless DC motors. A printed circuit board version of the controller is available for superordinate systems for OEM applications. This version is the MCBL 3003 or the MCDC 3003. The compact motion controller can be operated with a RS232 or CAN interface. The CAN interface allows for networked control of up to 127 drives. The configuration of the electronics is based on a digital signal processor (DSP) which provides high performance as well as precise positioning and very low speeds. The motion controller is very efficient which permits a continuous output current up to 6 amperes. This controller can provide precise positioning with a resolution up to 1/3000 revolutions. The inputs and outputs can be used for different purposes depending on the application, and can also be configured via the interface. An easy-to-operate user interface and the next-generation “Motion Manager 3” software are available for effortless operation of the Motion Controllers even without a profound knowledge of CAN interface technology. The clear representation of all the connected drives and the simple menu structure complement each other perfectly in this high-performance controller. The motion controller is suitable for use in industrial automation, semiconductor manufacturing, positioning, and laboratory automation equipment.