The Toray TC346 resin system is a high-temperature epoxy system developed with input from leading motorsport and automotive industry professionals.  Toray engineered the material to handle a wide range of exceptionally demanding motorsport applications, such as gearbox and suspension components, which require a high service temperature and high toughness.


TC346 has excellent compression strength, interlaminar shear strength, in-plane shear modulus, and improved elevated temperature tensile strength. The TC346 system offers a superior surface finish for aesthetic appeal and controlled flow of the resin to simplify lay-up and curing production. Other motorsport component applications that require lightweighting with superior toughness would also benefit from the inherent properties of TC346. Additionally, applications that require high glass transition temperatures, excellent compression strength, and high fracture toughness could also benefit from this super-tough and flame-resistant epoxy prepreg system. TC346 is available in a wide variety of uni-directional tapes and fabric styles.

  • SFI 56.1 flame retardancy at 1 ply thickness (TC346 HM0545 200g 2x2 Twill HMy63 12K 42% Resin Content)
  • UL94 V0 flame retardancy at 2 mm thickness (TC346 HM0545 200g 2x2 Twill HMy63 12K 42% Resin Content)
  • Tg 208°C (406°F) after 180°C (356°F) cure cycle
  • Structural system—mechanical performance optimized for compression, short-beam shear, fracture toughness
  • Excellent retention of properties at elevated temperatures
  • Toughened system—good interlaminar fracture toughness energy achieved without significant compromise of compression properties
  • Controlled tack level to aid laminating
  • Controlled resin flow during the recommended cure cycle