Resonator™ Line of Vibrating Liquid Level Switches

Nov. 1, 2006
K-TEK's New Resonator™ Line of Vibrating Liquid Level Switches Provide Immunity to Build-Up, Even in High Viscosity Applications to 20,000cP Robust level switches feature one-step external calibration and wide selection of probes. Prairieville, LA (May 8, 2006) - K-TEK, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art instrumentation for liquid level measurement now celebrating 30 years of manufacturing excellence, today announced the new Resonator™ line of Vibrating Liquid Level Switches. Created for use in a variety of chemical and petrochemical applications, including high viscosity environments to 20,000 cP, the product family includes the RS80 Vibrating Liquid Level Switch and the RS85 Multi-Option Vibrating Liquid Level Switch. Both devices are based on a robust, tuning fork design. The RS85 also provides the industry's widest selection of probe materials; this makes the switch immune to coating or build-up and ensures accurate, repeatable operation, whether measuring water, thick lubricants, or sticky slurries. The Resonator features a one-step, external calibration process, eliminating hassles with equipment covers. "The Resonator reliably handles a wide range of challenging applications, including sump level control, air entrainment, and overfill protection," stated Winston Landymore, Product Manager for Capacitance and Vibrating Fork Products at K-TEK. "The switch's ability to identify true liquid level in viscous, coating, or aerated liquid is unparalleled. A built-in self-test option automatically checks for fault conditions, such as excessive product build-up on the sensor, warning of potential problems before they happen." Flexible Design, Immune to Coating or Build-Up With gap or float switches, measurement is dependent on dielectric constant or specific gravity. This can result in varying accuracies. The Resonator's microprocessor-based design keeps the sensor in a resonant state as it changes from dry to wet or wet to dry conditions. This resonant frequency is unaffected by coating or build-up on the probe, allowing the level switch to make measurements without concern for specific gravity, dielectric constant, or mounting position of the sensor. For maximum flexibility, the Resonator is available in 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 24 VDC, and loop power configurations. A simple, one-step calibration process makes installation and maintenance easy. For hazardous environments where the unit¹s integrity must be maintained, an external magnet is used to calibrate the switch externally. Largest Selection of Materials Able to work in a variety of challenging environments, the Resonator provides the industry¹s widest selection of probe materials. The RS80 features 316 Stainless Steel. The RS85 offers 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy B, Monel, and Incoloy 600. A variety of sensor finishes provides immunity to coating or build-up. Choose from standard, 180 grit, 240 grit, 240 grit and electro-polished, Teflon, Halar, or Tefzel. The Resonator can handle process temperatures of -40ºF to 350ºF (-40ºC to 177ºC), and pressures from 0 to 2000 psig (138 bars). The standard, rugged housing is powder-coated aluminum with an optional stainless steel housing to handle corrosive environments. The RS85 also offers a dual-compartment design that allows users to isolate the wiring and terminations from the sensing elements and internal electronics. Additional options include hermetic seal between probe and housing, high temperature extensions, and extended probe lengths to 120 inches (3048 mm). Pricing & Delivery K-TEK's Resonator Vibrating Liquid Level Switches are available for immediate shipment. Prices start at $345. Delivery is one to three days from receipt of order for the RS80. About K-TEK K-TEK is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art level measurement instrumentation for liquid detection. Founded in 1975, the company is now celebrating 30 years of manufacturing excellence. K-TEK pioneered the KM26 magnetic level gauge with extruded outlets and continues to set the pace in the industry with such innovations as AccuTrak™, the first Fieldbus-compatible magnetostrictive level transmitter, and SureShot™, the first low cost, all digital design laser level and distance transmitter. The company also manufactures magnetostrictive level transmitters, guided wave radar transmitters, RF capacitance transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, and a full line of point level switches, plumb bob devices, and field controllers. K-TEK's products are used in over 250,000 installations worldwide in such applications as chemical processing, oil and gas production, pulp and paper processing, plastics manufacturing, mining and construction, food and beverage manufacturing, and power generation. * Direct Replacement for Ultrasonic Gap Switches, RF Capacitance Switches, Float Switches and Other Technologies * Immune to Low to Medium Coating or Build-up on Sensor * Robust Sensing Element * Standard 3/4" MNPT Process Connection * Single Compartment Housing with Viewing Cover * Field Selectable Parameters with External Magnet or Internal Pushbuttons (Fail Safe, Density) * Modular Electronics with Alarm Status LED * Continuous Self-test Diagnostics * Extended Probe Lengths to 120" (3048mm)