Jerome® 471 Provides Ultra Low Level Mercury Vapor Monitoring

Dec. 1, 2006
Arizona Instrument LLC is pleased to announce the formal release of the new Jerome 471 ultra low-level mercury vapor analyzer. Significant performance capabilities and customizable features now provide a new alternative for industrial hygienists and consultants to detect, measure and report levels of mercury vapor for environmental, industrial and residential spill and clean-up level assessment.The 471 detects mercury vapor levels as low as 0.030 µg/m3 -- easily fulfilling detection protocols developed by the EPA and ATSDR for mercury testing -- using the UV Atomic Absorption spectrometry method. Key features that are unique to the 471 include a 5-point NIST traceable calibration, programmable threshold limit and alarm settings, continuous data logging, long battery life and quiet operation. Other features include a built-in User's Help Guide, intuitive, touch screen menu accessibility and USB connection for data transfer. Comfort and ease have also been designed into this truly portable instrument with the padded shoulder-strap and detachable, flex probe to reduce fatigue often associated with field testing. This newest addition to the Jerome maintains all the familiar features - reliability, accuracy and simplicity - that have established Jerome as an industry leader in the mercury vapor and hydrogen sulfide gas detection markets for more than 20 years.The Jerome 471 is supported by Arizona Instrument's reputable and comprehensive 24/7 customer service support team who provides the time-critical service and support required by the hazardous response, gas detection and industrial hygiene industries. Tom Hatfield, Director of Engineering at Arizona Instrument, states, "Arizona Instrument has been able to create an accurate and repeatable instrument that will meet and exceed the demands of regulatory testing today, as well as the long term future. Our engineering team has worked hard to deliver a product that will provide all the features and accommodations to which our customer base has become accustomed, without compromising quality or accuracy."