Balluff introduces BFS 30M long range color sensor family

Nov. 18, 2006
Balluff's new BFS 30M color sensors are designed to provide ultra long range color verification of targets. The detection range of the BFS 30M is an incredible 30 to 100mm, with a recommended operating range of 50mm. In addition, its high switching frequency makes this sensor ideal for high-speed applications. Models include a 7-color channel discrete output model and a 15-color channel hexadecimal output version. The sensor projects a high intensity white light onto a target and analyzes the reflected light for its constituent RGB (red, green, blue) values. If the readings of all of the three color components fall within the preprogrammed parameters, the sensor issues a discrete signal that indicates a color match. The BFS 30M color sensors are programmed via a Windows™ based application program that provides a comprehensive approach to sensor set-up, file management, and real-time sample analysis and evaluation. All essential sensor information is presented in one window including, sensor settings, color recognition channel data and real-time display of color data. Whenever the sensor is connected to a PC and the application program is running, the Current Reading section shows the color components of the signal and the Recognized Colors status. In the Color & Luminosity mode, a bar graph provides a visual representation of each color component (red, green, and blue) as a target is placed in the sensor's viewing area. A numeric value is shown above the bar graph indicating the percent of full scale for each color component. In the Color-only mode, a pie chart indicates the proportion of each color component. This graphic display aids in set-up by showing the signal levels for the users samples, allowing distance and sensor angles to be easily optimized for moving objects.