Dec. 1, 2006
Mill-Max offers a full line of low profile, above board and elevated barrel receptacles suitable for socketing LED devices used in lighting applications such as: Portable Lighting, Electronic Signs, Display Backlighting, Automotive Signal Lights, Architectural and Landscaping Lighting, Interior Decorative Lighting and Custom Array Displays. In a custom LED lighting application, a bank of LEDs mounted on a flexible cable may need to be quickly swapped out. Instead of de-soldering wires from a circuit board, simply unplug the Mill-Max header connector from the Mill-Max receptacles and replace the LED unit with a new one.Mill-Max precision-machined receptacles utilize a multi-finger beryllium copper spring contact, providing secure retention and a hi-rel electrical connection to the mated LED lead. To reduce the time required to assemble individual socket receptacles, Mill-Max can package receptacles in SIP, DIP, PGA or application specific footprint patterns.Mill-Max receptacles can be advantageous in any printed circuit, front panel, board edge or elevated height applications, offering both reliable electrical interconnections and provisions for future field device upgradeability.In addition to our large selection of standard receptacles, Mill-Max offers technical support for application-specific projects. Free samples of standard catalog parts are available for evaluation. Go to and click on "Order Free Samples".Sample Part: 0667-0-15-15-30-27-10-0, RoHS compliant, gold-plated shell and contact; 25,000 = $52.60; Lead time = 2 weeks