180º Lift-Off Door Hinge Installs In a Snap

Dec. 7, 2006
DIRAK, a global innovator in latches, locks, handles and hinges, has further expanded its extensive hinge product offerings to include a 180º lift-off hinge that incorporates D-SNAP Technology. Until now, screws were required to install a lift-off hinge. This new hinge, marketed under the SNAP-LINE brand, consists of two components, the door component and the frame component. The door component of the new 180º lift-off hinge simply snaps into place on the door, with no need for mounting hardware. D-SNAP Technology dramatically speeds up the installation process, because no screws, nuts or tools are needed to install the door part. This saves up to 90 percent of hardware installation time.A lift-off hinge makes it possible to remove a door from a cabinet or enclosure without disassembling the hinge. Retracting the pin halves enables the door to be removed. The SNAP-LINE 180º lift-off hinge adds an additional level of convenience to the traditional lift-off hinge, because the door part of the hinge, with pre-fitted pin-halves, snaps easily into a prepared cut-out on the door. What makes the SNAP-LINE 180º lift-off hinge so unique is a set of spring-loaded wings that are inserted into a channel in the hinge housing. As the wings retract after passing through the cutout, the SNAP-LINE hinge is held securely in place, even in severevibration applications. Strength and durability are comparable to that of products that are installed via traditional assembly methods. The benefit to customers is ease of installation resulting in significant reduction in assembly time. Since the door part of the hinge does not require mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, screws) the risk of hardware loosening over time and damaging sensitive electronic equipment is reduced. Different sizes of spring-loaded wings make it possible to use the hinge in any sheet metal thickness.The SNAP-LINE 180º lift-off door hinge is equally suitable for right-hand or left-hand applications, reducing the need to stock different part numbers for different door configurations. Door part, frame part and pin-halves of the SNAP-LINE 180º lift-off hinge are zinc die-cast with E-coated pin halves for the frame component to aid in corrosion resistance.