SelecTone® Meets New UL Class-T® Requirements

Dec. 19, 2006
Federal Signal Next Generation SelecTone® product line now utilizes Class-T® technology. These unique products will provide the same SelecTone flexibility but with a new and improved design that will increase protection and add crystal clear clarity.Now redesigned, the SelecTone amplifier circuit is compatible with its current line of command centers, tone modules, and connector kits. This allows SelecTone to utilize the Class-T technology which meets UL’s new category 1480 Intelligibility requirement. UL Category 1480 applies to all speakers and speaker/amplifiers that are used as a speaker installed in a public notification system that is designed for evacuation or fire notification. Class-T technology has also been approved for SelecTone explosion-proof products.Federal Signal’s Next Generation SelecTone line now features high efficiency/high fidelity, built-in mute control, over-current protection, fuse protection, terminal blocks for field power supply connections, backward and forward compatibility and adjustable gain down to 0dB.Class-T® is a registered trademark of Tripath Technology, Inc.